Friday, June 15, 2007

FSSP in Quebec

The FSSP have posted some new photos from their apostolate in beautiful Quebec City. This is an apostolate I am keeping a close eye on. Quebec, as many likely know, is in French Canada, which became notoriously apostate and anti-clerical since "the Quiet revolution" in those forlorn decades we are all too familiar with.

As such, this FSSP apostolate has a particular "mission" like feel to it, and it would fall under the domain of Cardinal Marc Ouellet I believe, who shows great promise and is, from what I hear, a great promoter of Gregorian chant. One can be hopeful these are the seeds of a "new springtime" in formerly staunchly Catholic Quebec. The apostolate is still quite new and it is not yet even weekly as I recall, but at least it exists and has begun. Let's hope and pray it grows.

Encouraging to see here a young couple having their infant baptized at the door of the parish church.

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