Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ordo Musicae in Hebdomada XI Per Annum

Jeffrey has done quite a fine job of keeping this readership up to date about the goings on at last week's colloquium. To add to his fine posts, I thought I might share with you the order of the music in each of the Masses that was celebrated. All Masses except Saturday's were in the magnificent crypt church in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

Nota bene: This is a repost. A reader earlier today failed to respect my desire that we stay out of conversations about liturgical minutiae, and so I'm wiping out the comments and starting over.

The musical ensembles
The polyphonic choir, directed by Dr. Horst Buchholz
The chamber choir, directed by Scott Turkington
The men's schola, directed by Scott Turkington
The women's schola, directed by Dr. William Mahrt
Basic chant schola, directed by Amy Zueberbueler
Organist: David J. Hughes, assisted by Horst Buchholz and Scott Turkington

Wednesday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinal Time
The Rev. Dr. Robert A. Skeris, Principal Celebrant

English settings of the chant Propers commissioned by the CMAA and arranged by Fr. Samuel Weber, OSB.

Gloria set to a Psalm tone by Dr. Kurt Poterack
Pater noster setting by Dr. William Mahrt
Sanctus and Agnus set to chant in English: Sacramentary (edited slightly)

Thursday: Requiem Mass for Deceased CMAA Members
The Rev. Jeffrey Keyes, Principal Celebrant

Propers from the Graduale Romanum
Dies Irae Sequence
Elgar: Ave Verum Corpus
Croft: I Am the Resurrection and the Life

Friday: Feast of Ss. Thomas More and John Fisher
The Rev. Robert C. Pasley, KHS, Principal Celebrant

Propers from the Graduale Romanum

Victoria: Missa O quam gloriosum
Bruckner: Os justi
Tallis: O nata lux

Organ postlude: Buxtehude Praeludium et fuge in d minor, BuxWV 140

Saturday: Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist
The Rev. Dr. Robert A. Skeris, Celebrant
Traditional Latin Missa Cantata at Old St. Mary's, Chinatown

Asperges me (chant)
Propers from the Graduale Romanum
Credo III

Croce: Missa sexti toni
Monteverdi: Cantate domino
Palestrina: Ego sum panis vivus

(This same music was repeated at Sunday morning's Novus Ordo Missae in the shrine crypt, with the exception that Credo V was used instead of Credo III, and Horst Buchholz's setting of the Asperges me--which employs a great deal of the original chant--was used.)

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