Friday, June 01, 2007

The late, great, prophetic Monsignor Schuler

I just finished reading the Summer issue of Sacred Music, which contained an interview of Msgr. Richard J. Schuler, conducted by Thomas Woods in 1997. Here's one interesting snip, among many:

Woods: As editor of Sacred Music, where do you see church music headed? Do you see signs of a revival in chant, for example?

Schuler: Well, it can't be much worse, so it must go the other way. The young will eventually discover there is something they have been deprived of, and they're going to say, where is all this? And come back to it. There was a Gregorian chant congress in Paris about five years ago, and a young fellow came up and said, "We discovered this, we've been deprived of what is a thousand years of our country's musical history and we want it back; we want to know why we weren't told about it."

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