Friday, April 11, 2008

Pope rejects WYD vestment design according to " The Australian"

An interesting story in The Australian about the Pope and the vestments for World Youth Day:

Pope rejects garment design

April 12, 2008

THE Pope has decided he will not wear the vestments specially designed for World Youth Day and billed as "chic clergy couture" on the WYD website.

The "earthy-red" coloured vestments feature the Southern Cross constellation on the front and an indigenous feature titled "Marjorie's Bird" on the back.

The Pope is known to dislike vestment symbols that are not explicitly Christian. He may, though, wear some variation on the vestment design, a WYD spokeswoman said.


The vestments are now being produced in Bergamo, northern Italy, by Solivari, a company specialising in liturgical vestments. Seven hundred chasubles, the outer garment, will be produced for cardinals and bishops, and 3000 stoles...

It would be interesting to confirm this report.

Source: The Australian

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