Monday, April 21, 2008

Tremendous archives of liturgy and sacred music

In the frenzy of the Papal visit, I received several notifications of the sudden appearance of 34 videos from last year's Sacred Music Colloquium, but couldn't focus on just what this meant. Now with a bit distance to all the activities, I've had chance to look at what's up here. A participant had videotaped vast amounts of what was going on--mostly ordinary form Masses plus one extraordinary form--and has just now uploaded them. I'm just amazed by this and excited that all of these are available now as examples of Catholic sacred music. Though the events took place nearly one year ago, it is more than worth the wait.

There is too much to link here so you just have to look through them yourself.

Here is one that I just stumbled on: Dies Irae in the ordinary form Requiem Mass. I like these shots because you see the two directors--Scott Turkington on the far end and William Mahrt closer to the camera--and their respective approaches to the chant done alternating between low and high voices. Here is a very intimate look at the production of sacred music, for an astonishingly beautiful sequence.

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