Thursday, April 24, 2008

FSSP pilgrimage in Germany from a German reader

A reader from Germany wanted to share the following report with the NLM readership:

I am sending you some impressions from a pilgrimage of a TLM-Parish under the guidance of a FSSP priest, [which took place] on Saturday, April 12th.

The Holy Mass took place at St. Paulin's Church in Trier, the oldest German Town. After Mass, there was a procession into the crypt, where the tombs of Bishop St. Paulin and the martyrs of Trier (Legio Thebaica) are located.

Following this the pilgrims went to the Cathedral of Trier, to visit the Seamless Robe of Jesus in the Holy-Tunic-Chapel.

After a break the group attended St. Matthias abbey. In this Basilica minor is the sepulcher of the apostle Matthias and of the first and second bishop of Trier. The intention of the pilgrimage, to rebuild the connection with our forefathers in faith, was entirely achieved.

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