Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Dominican Rite Resources on the Web

Through the kindness of Philip Smith, a graduate student in music at Notre Dame, we now have available on the web in PDF format two new items of interest for Dominican Chant and Liturgy. Both of these include editions of important materials from the Prototype Dominican Liturgy of 1256 (Humbert Codex). These links are to pdf files that can be downloaded to your computer. Be warned, however, they are large. Here are the links and descriptions:

Link One (31.4 MB):

At this link you will find the following which were all bound together in a single volumn:

1. Ordinarium Missae et Missa pro Defunctis (Cormier ed., 1910) This contains the chants of the Dominican Kyriale and the Requiem Mass, the Libera, and other funeral rites. In the Appendix (p. 56 [p. 29 of the PDF]) it includes the ordo for chants at Masses according to the Humbert Codex (1256).

2. Individually published supplements to the Graduale and Antiphonal published to reflect changes due to the Revision of the Liturgy under Pius X: “In Festo Joannae Arc,” “In Apparitione BVM a Lourdes,” “In Festo Ss. Familiae,” “Addenda in Graduale” (1923), “Addenda in Gradulale" (1926), "Supplementum in Vesperarum Librum" (1923), "Psalmi Completorii" (1923).

Link Two (53.2 MB):

Ordinarium iuxta Ritum S. O. P., Francesco Guierini, ed. (Rome: Angelicum, 1921)..

This book is an edition of the ordinary, rubrics, cycles of chants and readings for feasts, rite for vestition, rubrics for Solemn Mass, and other material from the Humbert Codex. It does not include music.

I add one minor contribution of my own:

Forma Absolutionis Communius Observanda ab Fratribus Dominicanis.

This is the Latin formula for Sacramental Absolution according to the Traditional Dominican Rite. As the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum provided that the 1962 sacramental rites may now also be used if there is a pastoral reason, some Dominican priests may be interested in having a copy of the Dominican form that was in use at that time. Here it is:

These links are also available for consultation or download at “Dominican Liturgy” ( See the left sidebar, which also has links to other Dominican Resources.

I thank Mr. Smith for this work and promise my prayers as he enters the Dominican novitiate next fall. Mr. Smith is currently completing a thesis on the medieval Dominican hymnal of the Office. I have read it and will eventually give a summary of his discoveries.

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