Monday, April 28, 2008

Transalpine Redemptorists on Relations with Rome

There has been some discussion in recent months of the Transalpine Redemptorists in Scotland -- who are presently in "irregular communion" -- seeking regularization with the Holy See.

The following announcement was made today on the Transalpine Redemptorist Blog on the matter.

Here is the crux of their statement and position:

We have argued for years now of our "state of necessity" and of the resulting supplied jurisdiction that the Church supplies to us. But can we continue to argue this when ordinary jurisdiction is offered to us without any compromise in the Faith? Can we choose freely to remain in this irregular canonical situation where we are? In other words, can a state of necessity be the object of a choice without moral fault? Clearly not And on the other hand: are the authorities ready to accord us regular faculties? If the answer to this second question is affirmative, then we are no longer in the same case of necessity!

All these serious considerations, dear friends, move us to go and see what Rome has to say.

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