Friday, April 18, 2008

Dominican life in 1964

A video made in 1964 by the Eastern Province of St Joseph in the U.S.A. offers some tantalising views of the Dominican liturgy and communal life before the changes after Vatican II, although I noted that the chant is already almost entirely in English. The liturgical Rite and ceremonial of our common life may have changed but the essential elements of the Dominican life as narrated in this video remain constant and is a source of the Order's vitality.

For the liturgical parts of the video, there is the Office being sung, around 1:30 (mins) and then at around 6:25 (mins) one sees the clothing of Dominican novices, in a ceremony that resembled very closely my own clothing. Further on in the video, the Dominican rite 'Missa Maior' is celebrated at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington D.C., around 12:50 (mins). Here, one sees the Offertory in which chalice and paten are lifted up together, followed by a shot of the Elevation of the Host, and then Communion at the choir screen.

At around 14:50 (mins), there is the Salve Procession at the end of Compline, and it is noteworthy to hear the Dominican chant being sung in a manner described as "briefly and succinctly" in our Constitutions. At 22:00" (mins) there is shown the ordination of Dominican friars to the priesthood

However, the entire video is worth watching... Click here to view the video.

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