Monday, April 21, 2008

How Lovely Are Thy Offertory Prayers

Just as it happened on Saturday, the pope seems to have said a number of the traditional Offertory prayers sotto voce at Sunday's Mass in Yankee Stadium. Interestingly enough, the music at that time was Brahms' How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place, whose text is actually mirrored or alluded to in the traditional Offertory prayers. This was quite a lovely (to over use the word) harmonization of music with liturgical action.

I highly recommend this Brahms piece and encourage you all to use it in your parishes. Of course, if you want to use it in the EF High Mass, you'll have to translate it into Latin first. But if that could be done with the Hallelujah Chorus, surely it can be done with this:-) !!

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