Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Exequies of Card. López Trujillo [updated]

The funeral Mass for His Most Reverend Eminence Alfonso Cardinal López Trujillo has begun at the altar of the Chair in the Vatican Basilica. Alas, it seems so far the Holy Father is not present, so for now there is no reestablishment of the Solemn Mass with the Solemn Assistance of the Pope.

The Mass itself is so far entirely in Latin, and the "Benedictine altar arrangement" is also there.

Regarding the discussion of EF ritual in the OF, Card. Sodano has made the three crosses while incensing the oblata (but not the three circles), and has made the sign of the cross with the Sacred Species before consuming them.

The Mass having ended, the Holy Father has now appeared, vested in (splendid) cope and mitre, to give the homily and the absolution.


As Felici photographs become available, I can show you some other features, which I had seen, but hadn't been able to capture:

The papal altar under Bernini's baldacchino, although not used, was also arranged in the "Benedictine" manner, and its candles lit:

You can spot Archbishop Piero Marini in the first row

There were six ceroferarii during the canon:

There was no corresponding picture, but they did kneel during the consecration

The pope again wore choir dress before and after the celebration:

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