Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More on the Art and Architecture of Christ the King in Sweden [UPDATED]

You may recall that the NLM had a post up about a week ago about Christ the King in Sweden where we were featuring their altar arrangement.

As part of that, some interesting artistic features jumped out at me, for one could clearly tell this church was modern, but not in the normal sense of the word -- which usually implies something rather sterile and functionalist or even abstract. It seemed to be a kind of modernism that was much more informed by the tradition and so it bore looking into.

I therefore asked the writer who had sent in the original story if he could provide more images of the art and architecture of the Church, and he did so.

Here are some of these pictures:

(In the context of the usus antiquior)


Some had asked for images of the church from the pre-concilar period. Sometimes it is easier to not have to see these before and after images.

Unfortunate that the beautiful crucifixion scene was painted over, not to mention the Fra Angelico like angels playing instruments. A shame.

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