Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Novus Group

We all know that working toward restorative work in the field of the sacred liturgy is often an enterprise that can be tied to money, particularly when we begin to get into areas like sacred arts and architecture.

Here is an organization that looks of interest, particularly for priests and parishes that are seeking to fundraise for restoration projects and the like: The Novus Group

(It is worth noting that the founder of this group is a Catholic and one interested in the traditional liturgics of the Church -- by which I am not speaking of one form or another, but generally. They are an NLM reader.)

Here is a press release from them:

The Novus Group provides fundraising and marketing consulting to churches, schools, and non-profit organizations throughout the United States. Every organization has a story and an identity. We help you to define your identity, discover your story, and tell it in a compelling manner. We provide hands-on management of capital campaigns and deliver superior results every time.

Don’t settle for fundraising consultants that give you the same, tired marketing. Reach people in new, exciting ways through digital media that tells YOUR story!

If you know a church, school, or non-profit organization that needs to raise money, contact me today!

They list their services as:

Capital Campaign Management
Strategic Planning
Video Production
Direct Mail Campaigns
Project Management
Message Mapping
Marketing Solutions
Web Design
Stewardship Campaigns

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