Thursday, April 03, 2008

Gothic Revival Vestments

Speaking of the gothic revival, the following images were sent in of Mass (UA) from the church of St. Bernadette in Silver Spring, Maryland on the occasion of the Lourdes anniversary this year.

What I am particularly interested in are the vestments used for this Mass, which immediately struck me as quite tasteful and of very nice proportions and form. The vestments were designed in consultation with the pastor and ultimately created by Gardiner Hall.

One of the proprietors of that firm is an NLM reader incidentally.

What I particularly find edifying about this set are the overall proportions of each of the elements. The width of the Y-orphrey bands for instance, the length of the vestments, the way the particular fabric hangs, which appears to have substantiality and weight.

This particular pattern with its proportions could be used to great effect with any number of different textiles and colours. I hope we see more of this.

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