Monday, April 07, 2008

First Augustinian bishop since the Reformation

One of my favourite cathedrals in England is St Peter's Cathedral in Lancaster, a diocese which is very much at the heart of Catholic (and recusant) England. We hear and see so much of Westminster Cathedral in London, and recently I have posted some photos of Leeds Cathedral and its new re-ordering. However, I have long admired the new re-ordering that took place in Lancaster over a decade ago and designed by Francis Roberts Architects.

Recently, Bishop Michael Campbell OSA was consecrated co-adjutor bishop of Lancaster and became not only England's newest bishop but the first Augustinian to be raised to the English episcopacy since the Reformation. There are some lovely photos of the event at the Cathedral's blog, and also on the blog are photos of the Cathedral and the other aspects of the reform of the Reform that is happening in this cathedral church, including the use of dignified vestments, traditional canons' choir dress, and other liturgical minutiae that delight many an NLM reader!

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