Sunday, April 06, 2008

EWTN's Missa Cantata and a Clarification

EWTN's Missa Cantata happened this morning at 8:00am EST. I wasn't able to capture photos of it as their Mass corresponded exactly with local Mass time. Fortunately WDTPRS was able to capture some images.

While I am particularly fond of the Solemn Mass, I think it is good that they have now shown a Missa Cantata as this will be the form most seen and most do-able for priests learning the usus antiquior. Hopefully they will show more of them for that reason, while continuing to show the Solemn Mass as well.

As an aside, the local FSSP priests were good-naturedly ribbing me this morning for my mention in a previous post on this subject that this Mass was not being celebrated by the FSSP. I had noted that I felt this was a positive development since it helped emphasize the fact that the usus antiquior was not the "sole prerogative of the FSSP". They took it in the right spirit, but of course, it made me aware that some of our other FSSP readers may not have understood my meaning, so permit me to clarify.

Evidently, the FSSP are apostolic about this liturgy and do what they can to help spread interest in it; encouraging training sessions and the like. They do not view this as "their liturgy".

In speaking then of the "sole prerogative" therefore, I certainly would not have meant this as regards the FSSP itself. Rather, I mean from the perspective of those who are only beginning to learn about and become exposed to the usus antiquior. For those folks, it is very good for them to know that not only do the FSSP celebrate this liturgical treasure of the Church, but so to do many other orders and priestly societies, and so too do individual parish priests. In short, the employment of different groups, or individual parish priests even, emphasizes the breadth of the interest and appeal of the usus antiquior.

I believe most would not have misunderstood me on this point, but I would rather be clear about this than potentially have one think I was slighting the FSSP, which I only have the greatest respect for.

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