Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Episcopal Friend of the Usus Antiquior

Another day, another friend of the extraordinary form of the Roman rite has been appointed Bishop: This noon, the Holy Father named Fr Nicolas Brouwet auxiliary bishop of Nanterre, France, and titular bishop of Simidicca. Until now, he had been a parish priest in Neuilly-sur-Seine, a very wealthy Paris suburb, and one of the five priests responsible for the weekly TLM in Nanterre. Born 31 August 1962 at Suresnes, diocese of Nanterre, after obtainig a degree in history, he entered the Pontifical French seminary in Rome. He obtained an S.T.B. at the Gregoriana and an S.T.L. at the Lateran University. On the pictures we see him as celebrant in 2006 at the famous Notre Dame de Chrétienté or Chartres pilgrimage. Our congratulations to Mgr Brouwet!

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