Sunday, November 02, 2008

OF Parishes, All Souls, Black Vestments [UPDATED]

A couple of parish priests sent in photos of their celebrations of All Souls Day today -- both in the modern form of the Roman liturgy it should go without saying. Here they are.

St. John & St. Magdalen Catholic Churches, Osgood, Indiana, USA

St. Charles Borromeo Parish, Peoria, Arizona, USA

(Photo Credit: Donald J. Hughes, Christian Gospel Productions & Promotions)

Priests, if you would like to share your pictures to appear in this post, do send them in today or tomorrow and watch here for updates.

Ultimately, the reason for showing and for sharing these images is to help encourage other priests to do likewise in their own parishes.

I would particularly like to see revived the combination of the usage of black vestments with unbleached beeswax candles. The pairing is visually (and hence liturgically) quite striking.


St. Theresa's, Sugarland, Texas, USA

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