Monday, November 24, 2008

Institute of the Good Shepherd and Fraternity of Christ the Priest hold Training Conference

The Fraternity of Christ the Priest and Mary the Queen are reporting an interesting usus antiquior training conference which began today in Pontevedra, Spain, and which goes until the 28th, which will find them collaborating with the Institute of the Good Shepherd. (This was also reported on the NLM early on in October. See here.)

As part of the conference, Fr. Gabriel Díaz Patri (pictured to the right), a liturgical scholar and also a priest who servers the Russian Catholics in Paris, France, will be giving three lectures:

1: Why Preserve this Ritual Form (Extraordinary Use)

2: The Importance of Liturgical Orientation

3: Benedict XVI: The Traditional Mass as an Enrichment for the Whole Church

Fr. Díaz Patri was one of the speakers at the CIEL conference in Oxford in 2006.

Themes that will developed throughout the four days will be:

- the contribution of Benedict XVI to "ars celebrandi"
- the centrality of the Cross
- the value of silence in the liturgy
- the expression of worship in the Holy Mass
- beauty and the worship of God

The NLM will endeavour to bring you more news and reports from this excellent looking venture.

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