Thursday, November 13, 2008

Liber Brevior online

In 1954, Desclee and the Gregorian Institute of America published a wonderful book called Liber Brevior. It contains a completely Kyriale plus propers for all Sundays and Feasts, plus Sunday Compline and Vespers, plus some simple Psalm-tone replacements for Alleluias and Tracts. The volume ended up being rather small, only the essentials from the Liber Usualis, but the size masked the reality: this book is 800 pages! You would never know it.

In any case, for for anyone who sings at Sunday Mass only--the extraordinary form, obviously--this book is all you need, and it prevents having to haul around the Liber Usualis. The Psalm tones at the end are a value added over the Liber U, if you see things that way (or maybe you think it is an aid to the lazy).

In any case, the CMAA is pleased to have this online now. Enjoy!

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