Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First Images and Report from the IBP-Fraternity of Christ the Priest Training Conference in Spain

Some of the first photos and reports from the joint IBP-Fraternity of Christ the Priest training conference in Spain (mentioned earlier on the NLM here and here) are starting to appear. The following images are from the first day of the conference.

A few brief comments will follow the pictures, including some thoughts upon the significance of these events for the reform of the reform.

One interesting comment reported by the Fraternity of Christ the Priest is one we have heard elsewhere from other priests learning the usus antiquior and which touches upon the idea of enrichment:
"It is a unanimous feeling among the participants that the celebration of this [ancient] liturgical use contributes to an enormous enrichment of priestly piety, and provides for a greater identification with Christ the Priest and a greater appreciation of the gift of the vocation [they have] received.

Touching upon this theme of enrichment, it is worth remembering that events such as these might seem to be solely related to the usus antiquior but that is not in fact the case. Those who attend these conferences are typically priests serving in parishes and other contexts where the modern Roman liturgy is the normal liturgical expression. These matters are helpful not only in spreading the treasure that is the ancient Roman liturgy into that context, but they will invariably also contribute toward the re-enchantment of the modern Roman liturgy as well and, ultimately, the reform of the reform itself.

The conference concludes on the 28th of November.

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