Monday, November 24, 2008

Sparrow Mass a spectacular success

Late last night I heard wonderful news that the Solemn Mass in Kalamazoo, Michigan, announced here, was an astounding success. The priests left the confessionals to prepare for Mass and were astounded and amazed to look out at the nave and see it packed -- more than 500 people came to this Mass. They had made only 200 programs, and didn't really expect more than 125 people!

The choir and orchestra performed the entire sparrow Mass by Mozart, while the schola sang full Gregorian propers. The organist played processions and recessions and improvisations on the propers.

This is tremendously exciting news to me, an indication of a massive shift taking place in which the Catholic parish is again becoming a viable venue for true art and a time in which Catholics themselves will go out of their way to attend a Mass that is glorious in its music and liturgy. This isn't New York or Chicago but Kalamazoo!

Congratulations to all the organizers: the orchestra, the singers, the celebrant, to Fr. David Grondz and Fr. Robert Sirico and the St. Philip Neri house that serves the parish. The community has a real treasure in St. Mary's.

I hope to have images and video today.

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