Friday, November 28, 2008

French Priest Friendly toward Usus Antiquior Appointed Bishop by Benedict XVI

Some very interesting news is coming out of France today by way of the Schola Sainte Cecile -- and the NLM's own Philippe Guy may be able to give us more insight into this. They are reporting that their pastor, the pastor of the parish church of St-Eugene-Ste-Cecile, has been appointed a bishop by the Holy Father:

Our Priest named Bishop!

The Holy Father has appointed M. l’abbé Batut, pastor of St-Eugene-Sainte-Cecile (Paris IX), auxiliary Bishop of Lyon.

Bishop-[elect] Batut was pastor for a year at St. Eugene, having arrived there on September 2 2007.

In particular, he celebrated the traditional Mass several times outside his parish church during pilgrimages, which met with great success...

His episcopal coronation is expected on January 10 next.


It is with sadness that we lose a good shepherd, but this sacrifice is offset by the joy of what he can work for the Church of France.

The parish of St. Eugene-St. Cecile has been featured a number of times upon the NLM. M. l’abbé Batut on the other hand may not be known by name to many NLM readers, but some of the Masses he has celebrated will be familiar, most particularly the recent June 2008 usus antiquior Mass held in the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris and the January 2008 Mass at Notre-Dame des Victoires.

Bishop-elect Batut at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Paris

Bishop-elect Batut at Notre-Dame des Victoires

The official announcement of the appointment is referenced upon the website of the Archdiocese of Lyon.

Suffice it to say, it is good to see more episcopal appointments under Benedict XVI of men who are open and friendly toward the usus antiquior and to the Pope's programme of liturgical reform and re-enchantment generally.

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