Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Eamon Duffy to Speak in NYC Nov. 17th: Queen Mary Tudor and Reginald Cardinal Pole; Requiem Mass on 450th Anniversary

Thanks to a reader who sent in news of this event in New York City's Corpus Christi Church which will surely be of some interest.

Renowned Catholic scholar and Cambridge University Professor Eamon Duffy -- who is particularly known for his work The Stripping of the Altars which helped to redefine English religious history -- will be speaking in New York City on the topic of Queen Mary Tudor and Reginald Cardinal Pole on Monday, November 17th, the 450th anniversary of their deaths.

The paper to be delivered will be titled ""The Cardinal and the Queen: Restoring Catholic England under Mary Tudor".

The event will also be preceeded by a Requiem Mass which will include polyphony from the likes of Taverner, Tallis, Byrd and Sheppard as well as Gregorian chant.

There will also be a musical performance of William Byrd's Crowned with Flowers and Lillies, an elegy for Mary Tudor.

For more information, visit the Events and Activities page of Corpus Christi Church.

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