Wednesday, November 12, 2008

David Mayernik's San Cresci Fresco Cycle, and More

Watercolor rendering of the crucifixion fresco.

Another noteworthy contemporary traditional painter is artist-architect David Mayernik, whose work has ranged from university planning to fanciful architectural capricci inspired by Dante and Mozart, as well as a book on traditional urban life, Timeless Cities. Currently based at the University of Notre Dame, his projects are worldwide, from Switzerland and Spain to Great Britain and the United States. New Liturgical Movement readers will be particularly intrigued by his new frescoes in a little chapel in Tuscany dedicated to San Cresci, an early martyr whose relics are housed there. The centerpiece of the composition, an above-lifesize fresco of the Crucifixion, was carefully designed to complement and complete the context of the chapel. It was completed in July 2002. A further cycle of paintings depicting the life of San Cresci was begun in August 2003.

The first portion of the San Cresci cycle.

The artist with the completed Crucifixion scene.

For more examples of the artist's work in fresco and other media, please visit his website at this link. Professor Mayernik also designs furnishings of a high caliber, such as the folio cabinet shown below. While these are not liturgical, they nonetheless offer much food for thought to the aspiring designer.

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