Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Connecticut Workshop: Sung Extraordinary Form

Opportunities like this are what progress is made of:

April 28-30, 2009 (Tuesday through Thursday)
St. John the Evangelist Church
Stamford, Connecticut
Faculty: Fr. Scott Haynes (St. John Cantius) and Scott Turkington

Here is a wonderful opportunity to learn the Extraordinary Form of the Mass in its normative form: the sung Mass. Many priests are working toward saying the EF, especially in many seminaries, but so far it is the "Low Mass" that has predominated parish celebrations. The liturgy is far more beautiful and noble when sung with Gregorian chant in the dialogues and readings, but it requires training to do this.

This seminar features the best of the best teachers in this very area. Fr. Haynes is associate pastor at St. John Cantius in Chicago, where the ordinary and extraordinary forms live side by side. Scott Turkington is an internationally renowned expert in Gregorian chant, and a masterful teacher. Together they will teach priests and seminarians how to sing the Mass in its older form. They are both friendly, accessible, and have long experience in training in singing the Mass.

This is the first time these two giants have come together for this purpose, and it promises to be a wonderful experience. At the conclusion of the seminar, there will be a sung Mass. At the end of the workshop, you will have advanced very far in your ability to sing the Mass in the Extraordinary Form. While it cannot substitute for years of training that were once offered, this "crash course" will address most all the main issues and put you on the way towards mastery in the fastest possible way.

Preliminary Schedule

The seminar runs from 1:00pm on Tuesday through 3:00pm on Thursday.

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