Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Legionary Novitiate Offers Chant CD

As one person said, he never thought he would say the day. The Legionaries of Christ have embraced chant, and it is a wonderful thing. See the news of their new chant CD.

One of those voices – a second bass, to be precise – belongs to Br Christopher Tappel, LC, who is currently studying his second year of humanities in Cheshire. When asked what he learned from the experience of recording the CD, Br Christopher said that it helped him to realize the power of a form of music that lifts the soul into prayer.

“I first discovered Gregorian chant when I entered the seminary,” he said. “Chant is so appealing because of its special ability to provide interior peace and relaxation, something so hard to find for many people who live surrounded by the noise of the world. Making the CD was a beautiful and prayerful experience.”

Music-making is also a formative experience in a Legionary seminary, where the emphasis on integral formation includes an introduction to the arts, both sacred and secular. Fr Andreas Kramarz, LC, the choir director, said that singing in a choir can be an outstanding way to teach teamwork, the pursuit of perfection in details, and appreciation for a beautiful art.

“The Church has always considered that music can be a sublime form of praising God, but music is also an excellent means of forming one’s intelligence, sensitivity, and the capacity to work together and harmonize in a team. One learns how to work together in a harmonious and constructive way, to blend together so that everybody contributes to build up the whole,” he said.

“I think it was helpful for the brothers see how important it is to work on the details, to bring something as close as possible to perfection. And we tried to combine professionalism with a spirit of prayer: that it is all for the glory of God and for the good of those who will listen to it, so that they will be inspired to prayer and reflection.”

“Apart from this, music adds beauty to ordinary life,” he added. “Singing lifts up the spirit, helps to relax in the midst of an intense schedule of study and work, and brings out something very human.”

A Legacy

The emphasis on Gregorian and polyphonic Latin hymns also fits well with Pope Benedict’s emphasis on recovering the dignity of liturgical music.

You can order here.

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