Saturday, November 15, 2008

St. Ann, Charlotte, North Carolina

A reader draws my attention to this splendid, simple project, currently being undertaken on the comparatively small budget of $3.1 million. The architectural language is austere but not unfinished, and the interior simple but hierarchically-planned and possessing a clear sense of procession and longitudinal movement. The church is slated for dedication in October 2009. The project is actually the completion of a "basement church" built around half-a-century ago that never got above ground-level. (Unfortunately my source did not know the name of the architect. Perhaps one of our readers can comment?) That they are undertaking this now, and with such grace, is deeply admirable. Such things can be done.

UPDATE: I was pleased to discover, through the sharp eyes of one of our readers, that the firm behind these plans is Washington's McCrery Architects, headed by principal James McCrery. I hope to do a writeup on some of his other projects soon, but this is a good opportunity to introduce our readers to at least a small part of his portfolio. One upcoming project of his to watch is Chicago's Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy, home of the unique Iconic Monstrance featured in one of our previous posts.

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