Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Translation of the Relics of Cardinal Newman, Birmingham Oratory

The was little doubt in my mind that the NLM could let pass so important an occasion as the translation of the relics of John Henry Newman. This was recently aired on EWTN, though sadly we missed the ability to publish it on the very same day.

Still, it is better published later than never and thanks to some friends at EWTN, I was able to accomplish this recently.

There are two reasons this event is important. One is of course because of Newman himself whom the NLM hopes and prays will be beatified soon, followed by eventual canonization. Historically then, this particular Mass is of relevance in this regard and further affords an opportunity for us to increase our prayers for his cause.

Second, the Birmingham Oratory, like the other English Oratories, is an exemplar and leading light of the reform of the reform. Indeed, they have been pursuing this when it was much more "lonely" to do so. In view of that, if the NLM has an opportunity to showcase some of their liturgies, we will most certainly do so. (It should also be noted that they also celebrate both forms of the Roman liturgy, leading by example in this regard as well.)

With that, I have pulled a few stills from the television broadcast -- which, accordingly, won't be of the highest calibre image quality, but will at least give you a sense of the event.

The Mass (in the modern Roman form) was celebrated by the Archbishop of Birmingham, Vincent Nichols, on the Feast of All Saints.

(Princess Michael of Kent, Marie Christine, a member of the British Royal Family, was present for the event. She apparently has quite a devotion to Cardinal Newman.)

(The incensation of the relics of Newman)

(After a moment of prayer, the relics are processed into the chapel where they will remain until the expected beatification.)

Pray for the Beatification of John Henry Cardinal Newman

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