Saturday, November 01, 2008

Cardinal Marc Ouellet Re-Establishes a Minor Seminary in Quebec

Picked up by way of Le Forum Catholique:

Minor Seminary of Quebec: A first in Canada

Closed the past thirty years, the boarding rooms of the Minor Seminary of Quebec came alive again this fall.

Indeed, since the beginning of the school year, the college welcomes among its students a score of young boys who, unlike other students, once completed courses, will travel to new Diocesan Minor Seminary of Quebec to receive a Christian education, and this, every night of the week.

It is an initiative of Cardinal Marc Ouellet and a group of Catholic parents who want to enable young believers to share their faith, but in the longer term, to consider also going on to the priesthood.

"The cardinal has said: "Knowing the needs for the replacement of old priests in the diocese of Quebec, wouldn't it be desirable to found again a minor seminary' " explains Andrew Won, President Diocesan Minor Seminary of Quebec.

The institution is financed by the Diocese of Quebec at a cost of $24 000 per pupil and IS a first in Canada.

SOURCE: Une première au Canada

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