Thursday, November 06, 2008

Books Wanted

Just a reminder to our readers that I am always looking for liturgical books, whether they are primary sources (e.g. Missals, Breviaries, etc.) or secondary works (such as liturgical studies). If you have such things, or come across them, do email me as I might be interested in purchasing some of them from you. (Do note, I know some are online in electronic editions, but I am after in print editions.)

Specifically, I'd like to put out there a few titles that I'd quite like to find:

Canon Missae ad usum Episcoporum

Missale Ambrosianum Latin et Italicum (1965/66)

Missale Ambrosianum (1980 Latin edition)

Breviarium Romanum (pre Pius X reforms edition)

Missale Gothicum

Missale Romano-Lugdunense (20th century edition)

From the Alcuin Club Tracts:

Studies in Early Roman Liturgy, vol. 1: The Kalendar (XXVIII)
Studies in Early Roman Liturgy, vol. 2: The Roman Lectionary ( XXX)
Studies in Early Roman Liturgy, vol. 3: The Roman Epistle Lectionary (XXXII)
(by W.H. Frere)

Essays in Early Roman Liturgy, G.G. Willis (XLVI)

Liturgical Vesture : Its Origin and Development. Cyril E. Pocknee.

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