Thursday, February 07, 2008

What is OCP's Biggest Selling CD?

The best-selling CD of the Oregon Catholic Press is O Lux Beatissima: A Treasury of Gregorian Chant, recorded by Cantores in Ecclesia, directed by Dean Applegate. Judging from the samples online, it is a splendid recording!

The chants are all recorded in one octave with men and boys/women.

It features all the main chants that all Catholics should know, including settings of the Ordinary and many chant hymns.

I'm not sure that it is necessary to explain the irony here, much less revel in it. The point is that this is a marvelous trend, and underscores the flowering of our timeless heritage in our times.

It includes 73 minutes of music, and seems to be one of the best recordings available today.

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