Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another interesting papal vestment commission?

Father Zuhlsdorf noticed this piece on Petrus today -- and I'd like to note, Petrus has had a very solid track record for getting the inside scoop on such papal vestment matters in the recent past.

Here is an excerpt from Father Zuhlsdorf's translation of the piece:

On Palm Sunday, 16 March next, Benedict XVI will put on a series of sacred vestments which reproduce the fabric and coat-of-arms of the Medici Pope Leo X. This will be a damask of red silk and gold thread, with brocade details recalling the heraldic motifs of the family that governed Florence for centuries, namely, the three rings with the diamond point, united in concentric circles and contained within a double-lobed leaf....

Do head on over to read the rest of the piece on WDTPRS.

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