Thursday, February 21, 2008

Photos and Other Media Coverage of the Death and Burial of the Prince Grand Master

This photo from Orbis Catholicus was surreptitiously taken at the laying-in-state of the Grand Master from the 11th to the 15th of February at Piranesi's marvelous church of Santa Maria del Priorato. Many of the details noted by Noonan are present, though some with minor differences. Note in particular the large Paschal-type candle marked with the arms of the Order, and those of Frà Bertie, the four sets of four candles bound together and crossed at the corners of the coffin (as opposed to Noonan's two sets of three) and the Grand Master's throne turned to the wall.

A video and slideshow of the funeral cortege from Santa Maria del Priorato to the neighboring church of Santa Sabina (presumably the "great Roman church" specified by Noonan, though the previous Grand Master's requiem occurred in 1988 at Santi Apostoli) is available through

Details of the mass at the Santa Sabina, can be found here, along with Cardinal Laghi's homily. The story also notes the actual state funeral, with numerous dignitaries in attendance, will occur March 8 at St. Paul's-Outside-the-Walls.

This photograph, shows the coffin after it was moved to Santa Sabina, with the Paschal candle and the four embroidered skulls at the corners of the black ground-cloth visible.

Further details of this mass, excerpted from Noonan, and coverage of the state funeral on March 8, will occupy future postings.

Other information and commentary from knowledgeable readers is always appreciated.

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