Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Line Art from Matthew Alderman

Our Lady of Guadalupe. Ink on vellum. January 2008. Commissioned for the ordination mass card of a new priest. The inscription, common in images of Our Lady of Guadalupe, means "He has not done so for any other nation," and is derived from the Psalms.

S. Victoria of Córdoba, Virgin and Martyr. Ink on Vellum, January 2008. A gift to a young married couple on the occasion of their firstborn daughter's baptism.

Our Lady of Lourdes, the Immaculate Conception. Ink on Vellum, January 2008. The redundant thirteenth star in Our Blessed Lady's halo is an accidental iconographic oversight on my part.

Logo designed and executed by the artist for the Pious Sodality of Church Ladies Weblog and Facebook Group. Ink on Vellum, November 2007.

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