Thursday, February 21, 2008

How the NLM Readership helps the NLM - and an editorial thank you

It has been awhile since I thanked the NLM readership for helping out in three important ways:

1. News Tips, Event Reports, Photos. In sending in tips about news stories, reports on events, pictures of events, and other interesting news in the liturgical sphere. I cannot always post all of it and I am not always able to respond to all of it, but please know how much I appreciate your contact in this regard. I always look at all of it.

The NLM is able to bring you what it can not only through the efforts of its own contributors, but also through the important efforts of its readership.

So keep it up!

2. Donations. The second way is through your donations. In the past couple of months, a few people sent in some donations and this is a good time to publically thank them.

Donations help in various ways, both practically and intellectually. Thank you again to all those who have helped in this way, and for those who are considering it, know how appreciated and valuable those are to me in this apostolate.

3. Your Readership Committment. The third way is through your evident committment as readers to coming here to the NLM each and every day. Thank you for that.

Last but not least, since I am in "thank you mode" it would be remiss of me to not also publically thank all of the NLM contributors who continue to do such a great job in bringing their talents, time, insights and expertise in their various areas to the site. I am sure we can all agree that this is very appreciated and extremely enriching.

- From Jeffrey, Michael and Arlene with their extensive musical knowledge and insight working in both the ancient and modern Roman context.
- Matthew with his knowledge and passion for architecture as well as his artistic talents.
- Fra Lawrence and Joseph Shaw who bring us news from Catholic Oxford and England.
- Philippe Guy, our eyes and ears in Catholic France and a knowledgeable ceremonialist.
- Nicola de Grandi, an expert and scholar in things Ambrosian and who keeps us aware of Catholic Italy.
- Gregor who brings us news from Catholic Germany and brings many translation skills that bring much that is of Catholic Europe to you.
- Fr. Augustine Thompson and his knowledge and scholarship surrounding the Dominican rite.
- Fr. Thomas Kocik, who brings the American reform of the reform to us.

And you can look forward to some more contributors, one who I will introduce soon from Rome.

Thank you again to each and all of you.

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