Friday, February 15, 2008

Minor Formatting Tweaks underway

Many have no doubt noticed, there are some new design features being worked on here on the NLM. One of those which is still being test here is the so-called "dropcap" feature which gives the large capital at the beginning of a selected paragraph. At this point however, I am still trying to play with this to see if I can't get it's size and alignment better as I have noticed that depending upon the internet browser platform, it will vary where it places it in relation to the top line of text. I will continue to work on this. [UPDATE: I think I may have found the balance that looks good in Mozilla and IE. Time will now tell! The top of the capital should be aligned relatively close to the top line of text. Let me know if you are not seeing that.]

The drop cap feature is one that I have seen on a few blogs -- most strikingly over on Andrew Cusack's fine blog -- and I have always rather liked the look of it since it goes back to the "in print" roots of publishing. I have seen it enough times now to think it would look like a nice feature here.

The other design changes are minor, pertaining mainly to font size in the side bar -- something I am still working out as, frustratingly, this seems to be appearing fine in Mozilla Firefox but not in IE -- as well some changes to the basic blog post format appearance. Modifications have been made to the way pictures will appear as well.

One thing that might be considered a more major change is that I have moved the NLM search bar up to the very top of the blog so that people may more easily access it.

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