Friday, February 15, 2008


My apologies for the quiet today. I've spent most of this evening making a few more tweaks to the design, including making the dropcaps as universal as I can make them. So far as I can tell, from four web browsers, two on a Mac and two on a PC, they should all appear relatively reasonably now. Do let me know otherwise.

Anyone who has tried pursuing web design will be familiar with just how trying a process it can be, precisely because the different browsers and platforms do not all interpret these design items the same. I have had to scrap and start over new designs countless times for that very reason, seeking to find something appealing and yet workable. All said, I have probably put in approximately 14 hours of work just for these little improvements, but in the end I think they are worth it, and some of you seem to agree.

One of the other new features which I have worked on is the block quotation feature which shall hopefully help in terms of the appearance of better identification of such large quotes. This is how it such quotations will appear:

I have tried to pick a colour that will be legible, but which also works with the general design philosophy and colour scheme of the site -- while still being a legibly different colour.

I appreciate readers patience in these matters and your feedback is always welcomed.

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