Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Official IGS Ordination Photos

We've been fortunate to have been blessed with photos from the ordinations in the Lateran Basilica from the NLM's own Nicola de Grandi, who was present, as well as those of John Sonnen, also present and a good friend of the NLM, not to mention some video from the affair.

But now in addition, official photos from the IGS are finally starting to come out as can be found on the website of Centre St-Paul.

Here are some highlights:

(The four ordinands in the sacristy prior to Mass)

(Do yourself a favour and view the image above in full size to witness the full glory that is the Lateran Basilica; the cathedral of the Pope. This photo is looking back toward the main altar of the basilica and toward the nave.)

(The ordinands are called forward.)

(The chanting of the Litany of Saints. How profound it would be to hear and participate in this chant in this place.)

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