Tuesday, February 26, 2008

IGS diaconal ordinations: exclusive NLM photos II - A final remark

A final remark: Abp. De Magistris celebrated this Pontifical Mass on the day of his 82nd birthday, and in the same place where he had been ordained deacon more than 55 years ago.

He shared with the attending clergy and faithful some very profound and moving thoughts about the importance to perform, many years later, the same sacred gestures Card. Micara performed at his diaconal ordinations, in the very same place, and with the very same rite. In a word, the importance of tradition, that is to hand over to the younger what one got from the older.

He ended his moving sermon asking the younger ordinands to pray for him, the older, and in particular for his final perseverance in fidelity to Our Lord when he will be in the last moments of his earthly life.

Let us all join the newly ordained deacons in prayer for His Excellency, and in particular for this intention.

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