Thursday, February 07, 2008

Requiem for Fr Andreas Hönisch SJM [updated]

This is a video of the Requiem Mass and following interment of Fr Andreas Hönisch, founder and superior general of the Servi Jesu et Mariæ.

It took place last Friday, 1 February, in the basilica of the Most Holy Trinity on the Sonntagberg in Lower Austria. The celebrant was Prelate Camille Perl, secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei; the preacher Fr Guido Becker, parish priest em. of the Mainz Cathedral parish and longtime friend of Fr Hönisch. The local bishop, Msgr. Klaus Küng (Opus Dei), attended in choro; after Mass, he addressed the faithful and remembered approvingly how Fr Hönisch had been founding the Servi Jesu et Mariæ and wanted them to begin celebrating the Tridentine Mass in order to then also celebrate the Novus Ordo in continuity.


There now is a second video available, with the Introit (chant) and Gradual and Tractus (polyphonic) of the Requiem, sung by the schola of the Servi Jesu et Mariæ.

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