Thursday, February 07, 2008

Images from Dublin, Ireland

We have received from one of our Irish readers photos from Mass for Candlemas that took place in Venerable Cardinal Newman's University Church, Dublin, on Saturday, 2nd February.

"The occasion is the monthly meeting of the Sodality of Our Lady, which takes place in the Lady Chapel. The celebrant is Revd. Fr. John Emerson, FSSP, Regional Superior based in Edinburgh. Those serving in the Sacristy include Messrs. John Heather, E. de M., and John Skelly, E. de M. (Sodality Sacristans), and Messrs. Sean Comerford, E. de M., and James O'Connor. The two cantors at the rear of the Chapel are Dr. Niall Brady and Mr. Thomas Murphy, E. de M. (Sodality Prefect).

"The Sodality's Choral Guild sang the Antiphons 'Lumen ad revelationem gentium' and 'Adorna thalamum tuum' together with Mass IX. The reason that no photographs are available of the Blessing of Candles and Procession, both of which took place, is that the photographer (Mr. Gareth O'Flaherty, E. de M., Sodality Recorder) acted as thurifer for both.

"The Lady Chapel was not included in Newman's original Church and does not share the richness of byzantine decoration in the main body of the Church. The Chapel was a gift from Mr. Justice William O'Brien (1832-1899) to the Church in 1875. Entrance to the chapel is by two steps under the choir gallery that is to the Gospel side of the Sanctuary and it is served by a separate sacristy.

"In the apse, Our Lady is represented dressed in the light blue habit of the Sodality of Our Lady being assumed into Heaven, supported by two winged angels on a cloud. The Chapel has three stained glass windows depicting the Nativity, the Adoration of the Magi and Christ among the Doctors in the Temple. The Lady Chapel also contains pictures of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, the Madonna and Child and St Anne with Our Lady. Saint Anne is the Secondary Patroness of the Sodality Guild that meets there."

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