Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas at Holy Rosary in Portland OR (Continued)

As promised, I have taken a break in my travels from Italy back to California and am posting the remaining photographs of the Christmas Day Missa Cantata according to the Dominican Rite in Portland OR at Holy Rosary Parish. The celebrant was Fr. Anthony Patalano, O.P., the pastor, the preacher was Fr. Reginald Martin, O.P., director of the Rosary Center in Portland.

But first a historical image. One of the commentators had earlier asked about how servers were dressed in Dominican parishes. I explained a common usage, as still is the case in Portland, of dressing them as "modified lay brothers" and Fr. Martin Farrell, O.P., in a comment, mentioned that sometimes they were attired as clerical brothers. Here is an example of another practice I mentioned: attired as little Dominican prelates. The two boys in the image, taken at St. Dominic's Church, San Francisco about 1900, are the Lewis brothers, William (1885-1978) and Raymond (1897-1969). Both boys both went on to become priests of the Western Province and are buried in our cemetery in Benicia CA.

The next photo shows Fr. Anthony reading the Gloria at the Altar as the choir sings it.


This photo to the right, from the side of the main altar, shows Fr. Anthony singing the Epistle.


At this point the book has been moved and Fr. Anthony has begun to sing the dialogue before the Gospel. You can see the preacher, Fr. Reginald in choro at the side of the apse.
Here is Fr. Reginald in the pulpit for the sermon.
The priest and ministers genuflect for the Incarnatus Est of the Creed.
In the previous post on this Mass, you saw the Elevation viewed from the nave. Here it is from the side of the altar.

Father here sings the Pater Noster, to which the choir and congregation will respond Sed libera nos a malo.
This image shows Fr. Anthony turning to signal the recitation of the Confiteor before Communion. On this usage in our rite and the introduction of the Roman Domine non sum dignus in the late 1950s, see my long article posting on the history of the Dominican rite.
You may be wondering about the boxy shape of the church. This building, constructed in the 1890s, was originally intended for evetual use as the parish hall after the completion of a projected church. But the neighborhood turned into an industrial zone in the early 1900s and the church was never built because of lack of need. The hall continued in use as the church. A real parish hall was built in the early 1980s, but the parish continues to use the hall-church, which is much loved by the parish. You can see in these pictures some of the stained glass windows, the refurbished altar and sacrament house, new baptistery, and repristinated side altars, all completed for the 100 anniversary in the 1990s.

I thank Fr. Vincent Benoit, O.P., of Holy Rosary Priory, for these images.

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