Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Does your parish need an Altar Cross? [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Many people, understandably, want to see photos of the altar cross in question. You will now see that just below this update, which thumbnail you can click on to see a larger view.

Interested parishes/parish priests will have the opportunity to make an offer and then respond with any counter-offers.

The proceeds will likely go toward some Missal rebinding and repair projects; possibily the binding of a Bragan rite Missal, or the fixing of a Carmelite and O.Praem altar missal.

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Original Post:

As part of that set of six brass candlesticks that a priest-friend of mine sent my way and agreed to have put up on the NLM for fundraising, I had promised those bidding on that item to also make the altar cross of that set available. The cross is 3 footed, brass, done in a traditional style and stands approximately 20" in height.

This offer is only for parishes that wish to employ the cross in a liturgical/eccelsiastical function and any revenue generated for it will be considered a donation to be put to some NLM/liturgical use.

Perhaps a priest would like a new one for their ancient use Mass, or perhaps a priest would like to set up his altar like Pope Benedict XVI? This would be well suited and proportioned to that sort of use.

If anyone would like to bid on that altar cross, which is a traditional one, please contact me by email:

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