Friday, January 11, 2008

Prince of Peace, Greenville, South Carolina

I have been very pleased to be receiving some more "reform of the reform" oriented news and pictures in recent days. Keep it coming folks. This site does not belong to any one movement after all, but to any movement which seeks to be in accord with the Magisterium of the Church and which seeks continuity with the tradition in liturgical expression.

The following comes from Greenville, SC, the parish of "Prince of Peace".

This parish has had the "Benedictine arrangement" since 2003 - when it opened as a parish -- and I am told the altar cross and candles are positioned such that Mass may be said either versus populum or ad orientem without having to move them.

This parish also celebrates both forms of the Roman liturgy, modern and ancient.

I was delighted as well by the wonderful altar frontal, which hangs quite well on the altar -- sometime altar frontals are made in such a way that they can appear "rippled" on the altar; this sort of appearance, which looks reasonably flat, is by far the standard which to reach for I think.

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