Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Can you help?

Some of our readership, particularly those in Europe, may be able to help me find some liturgical books and studies I have been keeping my eyes open for.

If you think you can help, or if you think you know someone who might, please let me know. I know we have a wide readership and I have been contacted before by people who had a copy they were willing to let go of -- for a price of course!

With that in mind, these are the titles I would particularly like to find:

* Missale Ambrosianum Latinum et Italicum (1966 ed.)
* Missale Ambrosianum (1981 post-conciliar Latin ed.)
* Missale Romano-Lugdunense (1904-1954 edition)
* Breviarium Praemonstratense (Pre-Pius X Edition)
* Breviarium Lugdunensis
* Antiphonale Mediolanensis (pre-conciliar edition)
* The Dominican Ceremonial for Mass and Benediction, W. Bonniwell
* Notes on Catholic Liturgies, Archdale King
* Migne's 2 volumes on the Missale Mixtum / Liturgia Mozarabica (85 and 86)
* Vestments and Vesture, Dom Roulin
* The Banished Heart, Geoffrey Hull
* The Decomposition of Catholicism, Louis Bouyer

I realize some of these may be available in parts online, but I am interested in the original books themselves.

If you think you can help: stribe@rogers.com

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