Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Milanese faithful ask...the Archbishop answers

As many NLM readers may know, a petition with 500 signatures was handed over at the end of December to ask once more the Archbishop of Milan Dionigi Card. Tettamenzi, to allow every Ambrosian priest to celebrate the Extraordinary form of the Milanese Rite, according to "Summorum Pontificum" provisions.

During a Mass celebrated in the Cathedral for the Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord, the Archbishop and his all-powerful Vicar for the Evangelization and Archpriest of the Metropolitan Cathedral, Msgr. Luigi Manganini, gave their answer to the desolate Milanese flock:

Former Head of the State, life Senator and avowed Catholic Francesco Cossiga sharply criticized Card. Tettamanzi's rebellion to the Papal authority and lack of tolerance towards the legitimate requests from the faithful to liberalize the Traditional Ambrosian Rite, in opposition to the total support given to such horrors in the Cathedral, and asked whether the next step will be a belly dance show to celebrate the Christian-Muslim dialogue. He ironically concluded "just think he could even be elected Pope!"

The Milanese Curia angrily replied that this kind of dances have been common for years in St. Peter's Basilica... Maybe curial spokesmen were not informed of the radical change in Papal Ceremonies after Msgr. Guido Marini replaced his ill-famed predecessor!

The Milanese faithful can only long Card. Tettamanzi's 75th birthday next year.

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