Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Two New Architects

Craig Hamilton's work has not gotten much airing on the internet, or even in American classical circles; yet, this handsome private chapel (Georgian Award, 2006) in northern Britain shows a remarkable freeness and ease within the architectural language chosen, quietly mingling aspects of Sir John Soane's work with Michelangelesque pediments and a convincing surety of form. I can only hope to see more documentation on this unjustifiably-neglected architect in the future.

This is also, incidentally, the home of Alexander Stoddart's St. Rita described below.

Andrew Gould is also, unjustifiably, neglected. This talented South Carolina architect works, as far as I can tell, for Eastern Orthodox clients, in addition to doing residential work, but his work shows a wonderfully subtle yet vibrant approach to the Greek and Russian liturgical heritage of his clients; the perpetual problem of budget issues has no doubt sharpened his talent in packing considerable amounts of substance into otherwise very simple structures.

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