Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Catholic World News: Ad orientem: the single most important reform

Phil Lawler has a piece up today on Catholic World News continuing the very necessary conversation about orientation in the sacred liturgy, instigated now on a wider scale by the Pope's actions.

In his piece, "Ad orientem: the single most important reform", which is only at present avaialble to subscribers, he instigates the discussion as follows:

"Actions speak louder.

"Before he ascended to the throne of Peter, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger wrote frequently about the liturgy, and explained his love for the Mass celebrated ad orientem-- with the priest facing toward the altar, toward the east. Now as Roman Pontiff he has made his argument all the more eloquent, simply by celebrating Mass ad orientem himself in the Sistine Chapel."

(Source: Catholic World News)

At some point, this piece will be availble to non-subscribers, and it will be of interest.

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