Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chant Intensive, limited to 50

Scott Turkington
Loyola University
Chicago, Illinois
June 9-13, 2008

Scott Turkington (Stamford Schola Gregoriana) is the living heir to the classical Solesmes chant method, the director of chant at World Youth Day 2008, the author of The Gregorian Chant Masterclass, and a marvelous teacher.

For a full week, you can study Gregorian chant with him in this week-long program. His classes are famously engaging, with the teacher assisting students of all ages making a contribution.

It is called an intensive because it permits students to live and breath the art of chant like no other program. You will study the basics, yes, but move into into a detailed exploration of the wonderful world of modes, interpretation of neumes, rhythm, and the style required by chant. It also covers conducting (chironomy).

The music is the nothing less than the full Gregorian propers, ordinary chants, chant hymns, Psalm singing, and also the history and performance aspects of this music.

It is intended for people who desire something more than a weekend workshop. It will be quite technical, to be sure, but not inaccessible to the musician who is just approaching this music.

This is the one week you will need to set you on the path toward full mastery of this art form that is sweeping through the United States in a full-scale restoration. But rather than looking back, this intensive prepares a bright future of beautiful singing in every parish, with everyone taking part.

Textbooks: Textbook of Gregorian Chant by Dom Gregory Sunol; The Parish Book of Chant by Richard Rice (not yet published); and the Graduale Romanum.

Classes begin on Monday afternoon and continue through Friday afternoon. Students are eligible for a certificate of completion, issued by the CMAA and signed by Maestro Turkington.

Materials included as part of registration (excluding Graduale). Total price, which includes housing and meals, is $521.

Take note: enrollment is strictly limited to 50 students and we can only accept people on a first-come-first-serve basis. So no deadline will be posted for this.
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